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Q & A Waugh Property


"It seems that the Waugh property would make a great addition to the Orange High School - and less expensive than constructing a new school. What is Keith’s opinion?

Hello David,

Thank you for your email. After meeting with the Architect/Engineers the School Board brought in to give cost analysis on this proposal and others, their findings were this:

To purchase the Waugh property and build a facility similar to what Culpeper did, the cost estimates came in at $68 million dollars. With those numbers a new school construction project would not totally be off the table. In comparison, Culpeper was able to build their CTE project for under $20 million dollars.

The 4-acre Waugh property site is a big factor in why those costs are so high. It is my belief we can accomplish something very similar to what Culpeper did that is reflective of those savings. Please share this with others. I will be posting this on my website, and I  will invite others to ask questions also.

Thanks again for your inquiry,



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